Toba, land of spirituality.

The Shingon sect is a Buddhist sect of Japan that was founded by Kukai (Kobo Daishi) in the early ninth century. It is also called the Shingon Darani sect, Mandala sect or Himitsu sect. It is based on Mikkyo, or esoteric Buddhism, which Kukai learned from Eka (Keika), at Shoryu-Ji Temple (Qinglongsi Temple) in Choan, (Changan) (Xian City) during the Tang dynasty. In 825, Kukai transformed the then-existing Kongosho-Ji into a dojo for the teaching of esoteric Shingon Buddhism. Today, the temple is part of the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism. The temple is in Mount Asama, on the border of the two cities of Toba and Shima.

Kukai also founded the Kuzo-Ji temple at Mount Maru in the Toba hinterland.

Another fine example of esoteric Shingon Buddhist architecture is the Shofuku-Ji temple atop Mount Aonomine, where Ama fishermen and divers from Ise-Shima-Toba come to worship Kannon, the Great Goddess of Mercy.


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