Toba, “Miketsukuni”

According to the “Engishiki” (a 10th-century book of laws and customs), Shima Province was obligated to supply ‘raw abalone, turban shells, and boiled abalone’ every ten days. It was also obligated to supply ‘sapid marine products’ for each seasonal festival. The words: ‘Shima Province, Shima County’ was seen on wooden tablets discovered at the former site of Heijo- Kyo (former capital of Japan on the site of modern-day Kyoto) Subsequently in the “Engishiki,”(a 10th-century book of laws and customs) there were mentions of Toshi and Ago Counties. The farmland was small, and as Klabunde (the farmland given to each farmer) in the Ritsuryo system (the Japanese law system based on the Chinese system), the farmland in Owari Province and Ise Province was allocated to Shima Province.


【破】答志島 ~御食国 答志島~


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