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An area of approximately 60 000 hectares located in Ise-Shima (Ise City, Toba City, Shima City and Minami Ise Town) is designated as Ise-Shima National Park. More than 96% of the land in Ise-Shima national park is privately owned. Compared to other Japanese National Parks, Ise-Shima National Park is densely populated. As a result, its inhabitants have long learned to take advantage of Nature without destroying it.

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Abundant forests, clear streams and the sea.

Here is a selection of hikes to discover Ise Shima’s generous nature.

List of the hikes

Isaha Shrine (Kaburako-san) loop trail

Isaha shrine (Kaburako-san) is located in Arashima district, Toba city. You will be seduced by its mysterious atmosphere and bamboo groves.

Mount Hinoyama loop trail

Discover the wonderful panorama this summit has to offer. The shape of the bay of Toba, as seen from the viewing point, even inspired a writer.

Osatsu, the town of Ama divers, a charming country walk

Osatsu is the town in Japan with the highest ratio of Ama divers per capita (10 %). Fishing is present everywhere, from little stalls selling seaweed, to seafood restaurants.

Toshijima, the fishermen’s island. A boat trip and hiking loop-trail

Anchors aweigh! Let’s go to Toshi, the largest of Toba’s islands, to associate the pleasure of cruising with a countryside hike.

From Toba to Ise, a hike through two sacred mountains

A route full of intensity and beautiful discoveries that stretches over 15 kilometres through the forest.