Kamijima is located at the mouth of Ise Bay, about 14 kilometres northeast of Toba Port and 3.5 kilometres west of Irago Cape in Aichi Prefecture, with a total area of 0.76 square kilometres and a perimeter of 3.9 kilometres, and is the most remote of the four inhabited islands. The island is also bordered by the open sea, making it particularly vulnerable to natural disasters such as strong waves from the Pacific Ocean side. The entire island is mountainous, so the houses are clustered in a stepped pattern from the harbour to the top of the mountain, forming a settlement unique to fishing villages. The southern end of the island has karst landforms formed by weathering limestone, which the city has designated as a natural monument.

Events and festivals

Gator Festival (New Year’s Day Dawn)

The gummy branches are bundled into a 2-meter ring, which is pierced by men from all over the island with bamboo sticks, then lifted and dropped. It is said to be a festival to ward off evils and a festival to pray for fertility, and has been designated as an intangible folk cultural asset of Mie Prefecture, but is currently suspended (as of March 2021) (photo).

Lion Dance (January 4th)

Dances are performed at three mounds on the island. After the female lion and male lion dance, Okame, Hyottoko, and Ebisu dance in that order, and finally the three dance together.

Rokukasai (bow festival) (January 6th)

It is one of a series of events that continue from New Year’s Day. It is also known as the Hachiman Matsuri, which has a torch event and a bow festival. Fire is set on piles of soot bamboo, shimenawa, kadomatsu, etc., and arrows are shot at targets placed on the other side of the fire.

Remembrance Day (March 25 of the lunar calendar)

On the day commemorating the disappearance of many fishermen at sea in Kansei 12 (1800 AD), the fishermen do not go fishing and pray for the repose of their souls.

Gokuage (June 11)

Ama divers dive from Koherogami, the rocky shore of the gods, to catch Abalone and offer it to Benten Shrine.

Yarimasho ship (December)

Make a small boat, rub your body with a kaya leaf, and cast it into the sea.

答志島 – BLUE FIELD ~常世篇~

【序の序】答志島 -RAY FIELD-


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