Toshi Island is located about 2.5 kilometres northeast of Toba Port and is the largest island in Toba City. There are three villages, Toshi, Toshiwagu and Momotori. The topography of the island is 6.98 square kilometres in total area and 26.3 kilometres in circumference. 80% of the island is covered with natural forests, and the original Yamatotachibana tree, the city tree, grows in Nasa in Momotori Town and is designated as a natural monument of the prefecture.


Events and festivals

Santarosan (January) (Momotori area)

Also called the Dragon God Festival, this festival is held to make offerings to the god of the sea and pray for a good catch and safety throughout the year.

Hachiman Festival (Saturday and Sunday near January 17-19 in old days) (Doshi District)

The “Kami Matsuri”, a festival of Hachiman Shrine on the island of Toshi Island, is held every year from the 17th to the 19th day of the first lunar month. (Currently, it is held on the Saturday and Sunday immediately preceding the 17th to 19th day of the first lunar month.) The Yumi-hiki ritual is the most exciting and powerful event of the festival. Young men called “Otekishu” run up the hill carrying “Oteki” (a wooden frame covered with inked paper) as big as a tatami mat and a half, and the townspeople who are waiting for them jump into the Oteki one after another and fight for the inked paper. People write “Maru ni Hachi noji” (eight Chinese characters in a circle) on the doors of houses and boats with this inked paper instead of talismans, praying for a big catch and family safety in the new year. After the Yumi- hiki ritual, the lion dance begins on the stage. The young people of the island continue to carry on this heroic festival, which is celebrated with the united efforts of all the townspeople. (Selected as one of the 100 treasures of the island by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

【序】答志島~Garden of Gods MIE

答志島 – BLUE FIELD ~常世篇~

【序の序】答志島 -RAY FIELD-

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